Churchill and Smith Queen K-Lex Standard Pillow

Churchill and Smith Queen K-Lex Standard Pillow
Item# churchill-and-smith-queen-klex-standard-pillow

About This Item:

This is the most luxurious pillow we offer! If you like the down feel of shredded latex but hate how heavy the pillow can be, then this is the pillow for you!

The Churchill and Smith K-Lex Pillow combines the durability of natural latex pellets with ultra-lightweight and soft Kapok fiber.

Derived from the seed pod of the Ceba Tree, Kapok has been used for decades as a durable yet lightweight fill - so light that it floats! Used with the natural latex pellets, the combination creates the ideal feel of comfort and support while retaining the ability to fluff and shape the pillow.

The pillow is finished with a luxuriously soft organic cotton stretch-knit cover.

Available only in Queen Size.

Made in U.S.A.

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