Dream Mattress

Dream Mattress
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This is the Reverie Dream Mattress without an accompanying adjustable base or foundation. This may be used on another foundation or platform bed. Please note there may be a warranty issue if the mattress is used on an improper foundation.

A Mattress Built For You—And Changes as You Do!

Our DreamCell™ mattresses are custom-made for you and the way you sleep. We customize the firmness level on each side of the mattress to your specifications when we build it, which is great for partners that have different sleeping preferences. The mattress can also adapt with you over time as your comfort preferences or weight changes. How? Just unzip the cover and reconfigure the DreamCell support system to the firmness level you want. You don’t need more DreamCells to change the firmness level—the ones that come with your mattress can be used to create any firmness configuration. You’ll get the most customized sleep experience when you pair the Dream mattress with the 5D adjustable foundation—which is our Dream Sleep System.

The Dream uses full size all natural latex DreamCells as well as a 2 inch natural latex topper and is available in soft, medium and firm configurations, or a combination of two firmnesses, any of which can be changed at any time.

All Reverie Dream Cell mattresses are made in the USA.

10 Year Full Warranty.

This mattress is considered Natural.

Replacement / additional Dream Cells are available.

We are unable to deliver this sleep system outside of our local area.

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Sleep Naturally!