Little Lamb Child Size Woolly Bolas Pillow

Little Lamb Child Size Woolly Bolas Pillow
Item# little-lamb-child-size-woolly-bolas-pillow

About This Item:

Little Lamb features Specialty Sleep Association Level IV Certified Organic Mattresses and Bedding for kids.

The Little Lamb Woolly Bolas Pillow is designed specifically for a child and measures 15 x 19.

Woolly Bolas (wool balls) are formed when the last breaker in the wool carding machine is reversed, rolling the wool fibers into small balls that are ideal for pillow fill.

This pillow features 100% Certified Organic Wool fill with a GOTS Certified Organic Cover that features the attractive "Little Lamb" print.

Made in USA.

5 Year Limited Warranty.

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