OMI Organic Wool Pillow Full Fill

OMI Organic Wool Pillow Full Fill
Item# omi-organic-wool-pillow-full-fill
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Our highest profile organic wool pillow!

The Full Fill Organic Wool Pillow from Organic Mattresses, Inc. is a high profile pillow perfect for side sleepers, especially those with broad shoulders that have problems finding a pillow with enough fill to keep their head and neck in proper alignment while they sleep.

The fill is pure Eco Wool encased in a 100% Certified Organic Cotton cover.

For those looking for a higher profile pillow to fill the gap between your shoulder and neck, that has moisture wicking properties and maintains an even temperature, then this is the pillow for you.

Please note that wool pillows will compress approximatedly 1/3 over time.

GOTS and OTCO certified materials.

Made in OMI's GOTS approved production facility.

Made in USA.

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