RP Royal Cloud 4 inch Pillowtop Pad

RP Royal Cloud 4 inch Pillowtop Pad
Item# RP-Royal-Cloud-4-inch-Pillowtop-Pa5
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Create a softer sleeping surface for your Royal-Pedic mattress with the 4" Royal-Pedic Royal Cloud Pillowtop Pad. This Pillowtop Pad creates the same thickness as the pillowtop layer on the Royal Cloud Pillowtop Mattress.

Made from natural latex and encased in Belgian 100% cotton covering, utilizing untreated New Zealand lamb's wool followed by hypoallergenic Comfort Fil 7.

This item may be purchased either with a new Royal-Pedic mattress, mattress set, or seperately.

An organic version of this Pillowtop Pad is also available.

Pricing includes delivery direct from Royal-Pedic. Royal-Pedic Products are made to order. Allow 3 to 4 1/2 weeks for delivery.

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