Sleep and Beyond Washable Wool Mattress Topper

Sleep and Beyond Washable Wool Mattress Topper
Item# sleep-and-beyond-washable-wool-mattress-topper
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Comfortable and cozy, the Sleep and Beyond Washable Wool Mattress Topper is perfect for those wishing to add a thicker wool layer to the top of their mattress while retaining the convenience of a machine washable product.

The topper is 1 1/2 inches thick and features 100% Shropshire Wool fill covered in a 270 thread count 100% natural cotton percale. The topper attaches to the mattress with convenient, heavy-duty elastic corner straps.

Fill is 35 ounces per square yard and made to the size of the mattress, giving you wool all the way to the edge!

This topper comes packaged in a reusable bag, complete with carry straps.

Sleep and Beyond natural products are covered by the following certifications:

Co-Op America

Global Green USA

Oeko-Tex Standard 100

ISO 9000:2001


Made in the Kyrgyz Republic.

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